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When you are entering into the United States of America you need to have a valid visa, a visa is a way of giving non-citizens clearance to enter a country; however this can be revoked at any time. Usually a visa tends to be a stamp, travel document or an electronic record of authorization. Those who should get ESTA visa’s are those who want to enter the US for business, tourism or transit. If you’re traveling to meet up with clients or any form of business, wanting travel by air or sea to go sightseeing around the US, or even just transiting through the US then you must obtain an ESTA visa. There are so many of different visas, the ESTA being one of the more popular ones. Visas provide people with temporary authorization into a country. However visas tend to have limits on how long you can stay in the country, when the visa is valid from and how long it is valid for. Visas must be applied for in advance, either over the Internet, by mail or at a consular office; this stops there from being any inconvenience when getting your flight as you need to have it ready for boarding your flight or ferry.


esta visa usaThere are hundreds of types of visas; visas are used to grant clearance for non-citizens to enter a country for a set period of time. Even if it does get accepted, it can still be revoked at any time. The ESTA visa is for international citizens who wish to travel to the US. There are different ways to apply for visas one of the simpler ones is done online, this is the ESTA visa, and this is for the USA Visa Waiver Program. This is for international citizens who wish to travel the United States and spend time going around the country visiting different places and monuments. The visa can be applied for online, through ESTA, this means electronic system for travel authorization. It’s cheaper when applied for online and it’s simple as all you have to do is complete a form and then submit a payment. The visa will be valid for multiple trips during the two year period. It needs to be applied for in advance to stop there being any inconvenience. It can take minutes to find out whether it has been reject or accepted, although it can take up to 72 hours before you want to check your application status.


14 Jun

Why not go on a journey to London for a 1 week at some stage in the holidays and have some quality time with your relatives Thinking of going away to London throughout the holidays, if so there are so numerous other things you can do during your visit. You can begin by going to the London eye, that is a stunning big Ferris wheel with a wonderful view. The Ferris wheel is one hundred thirty five metres tall and cost £70 million to build. It has 32 air conditioned capsules, all of which fits 25 people. if you decided to do your trip during summer holidays then you would be able to visit Buckigham palace and observe the guards changing or even go for a tour around the state rooms. Though, if you would like to do something extra fun that stands out, then you might visit the London dungeon. Here they recreate numerous gory, past events from over the past a thousand years using live actors, special effects and themed fairground rides. One of the themed rides you possibly get to go on is the Tyrant boat ride, as well you may get to go on a trip to the torture chamber. Also, you would get to see what possibly of occurred if Guy Fawkes succeeded. This is best suited for those who are 12 years old and over, if you are under 16 years old you needf to have someone 18 years old or over with you.

If you’re going to be remaining within one of the hotels, then there are so many great ones to select from which are within the best locations, including the Four Season Hotel. This hotel has a stunning and overall contemporary look to it. Every season they choose a suite to be the suite of the season, which means evryone will wish for to lodge in it, presently the suite of the season is ‘The Blue’, separately from this suite there are several different accommodation and suites to choose from. They have 193 guest rooms, 11 conservatories and forty six suites to pick from, certain of the suites even include fireplaces and personal terraces’. On request the hotel can give you with wheelchair fitted accommodation, childproofing, non-smoking rooms, cribs and sofa beds. Several of the many facilities and services which they offer would have to involve a DVD player, in room movies, a humidifier, housekeeping and valet parking. For this hotel the check into time is 3pm and check out time is 12pm. An additional 1 of the various hotels is The White House Hotel in Swansea, which is in the ideal location.

21 Apr


In Manchester there is the fabulous Manchester Pendulum Hotel which even has a Foucault pendulum; which is used to demonstrate the rotation of earth. They have an average rating of 3.9 out of 5. They have a selection of comfortable single, city double, classic, double, twin and executive suites. In all of the rooms you get coffee/tea facilities, hair dryer, ironing equipment and free wifi; the suites also get work space and sofas so they can relax whilst doing business. Room service is also available all hours of the day. They also have their conference centre for clients that are travelling for business; the conference centre is filled with a large selection of theatres and meeting rooms for clients to use, so that they don’t need to worry about finding somewhere suitable for have a meeting. The price of your room depends on which room you go for and also the day/s in which you’re staying, so if it’s a weekend or during the week, but it can vary upwards from £60.

Many customers have left so many pleased reviews saying that the food was delicious, the staff members were extremely helpful and that the rooms were comfortable; they also said that they enjoyed their stay and would recommend it to others.

pendulum manchesterThe hotel is situated in the perfect area, especially if you want to be able to get into the city centre but don’t want to hear everyone out on a night. Just a short walk away is the city centre, so you won’t need to worry about transport. Also if you turn up before you can check into your room then they have room where you can leave your luggage and you can go to the city centre or get a drink in the cafe. If you’re getting there via train then the Manchester Oxford road train station is only 10 minutes away. So you won’t need to get a taxi or worry about getting lost, plus many reviews have said it’s easy to find from the train station.

pendulum hotel (2)The hotels amenities include a restaurant, bar and cafe. The cafe is known as the Coffee bean cafe it has a fantastic range of velvety drinks; such as hot chocolates, coffees and teas. The restaurant is known as the Hub bistro, it has a selection of delicious dishes; they have a choice of many meals big and small if you want something light, all these meals come with a side of friendly customer service. Lastly is the conservatory bar which is great for meeting new people or if you want to relax and grab a drink with colleagues or friends.


4 Mar

If so then this article is for you, by showing you how to become a personal trainer and just a selection of the courses available.

The best way for you to become a personal trainer would to complete one of a wide range of courses that are available to you. If you want to take this a step further then you should try looking at FLM training ltd who are a company that provide many fitness courses and packages. A few of the packages would be:

– Basic personal trainer

-Advanced personal trainer

– Premium+ personal trainer

– Premium+ PT and massage.


All sports massage imageof these courses are a great price and include a range of different qualifications. The basic personal trainer course costs £1600 and consists of Level 2 Gym Instructing and Level 3 Personal Training. The advanced personal trainer course costs £1800 and consists of the same as a basic personal trainer package but also you will receive three CPD qualifications. The Premium+ personal trainer course costs £2300; it consists of the same as the advanced personal trainer package but will also include a day of first aid training. Lastly, the Premium+ PT and massage package cost £3300, this package includes the same as the Premium+ Pt package but you will learn also learn sports massage. If these packages don’t fit your needs then you can contact FLM training and they can create a new package for you.

sports fitness

Once you have completed one of these fantastic courses the best thing to do would be to choose as speciality to gain an additional certificate as personal training is a competitive business and this will help you stand out more when compared to others. After decided what you want to do in your career then you can get a job in a gym or start your own business as a personal trainer. The best option would be to work at a gym, as this will you help you to gain experience, making you more reliable when it comes to customers.


To make things even better there are also benefits to being a personal trainer. One of these benefits is that you get to help other people reach their goals, although you don’t psychically gain anything you’re able to help others be happy. Another benefit would be that whether you contract with a gym specifically, or you work there as a member of staff, usually this means you will get a free gym membership.

FLM Training

Fit City Liverpool Rd Manchester M44 6BR

0843 289 9470

If you think that this career is for you and would like start one of these packages then you can contact FLM training on their email which is info@flmtraining.co.uk or visit their website which is www.flmtraining.co.uk

7 Aug

We like to recognise restaurants that support Fair Trade. We have therefore decided to feature some restaurants that we feel support Fair Trade, whilst also being sufficiently high in standard for us to give them our public support.

To start with, we would like to feature a restaurant I have known about for over a year and are very conscious about how they source all their ingredients and beverages. Here is our featured article about Drakes Tabanco.

If you are in London but want to experience the spirit of a rural Spanish bar with a glass of authentic sherry, your ideal destination would be Drakes Tabanco. Crowned as one of the most happening tapas bars in London, this place has also felicitated with an excellence award by renowned website Tripadvisior. This restaurant doesn’t only have excellent reviews on Tripadvisor, but also it is given the highly coveted excellence award for being the best tapas in London in 2015. The excellence award is well deserved by this tapas bar as it serves excellent quality food and authentic barreled sherry in the traditional form.

Spanish influenced interior and barreled sherry makes Drakes Trabanco stand out:

Drakes Tabanco Fitzrovia

With its Spanish influenced décor, cool ambience, great service, awesome food and wine, this place has become the best tapas restaurant in London. The moment you step into this place, you will get a feel that you are in a traditional tapas bar where barreled sherry served in big mugs. It is rural Spanish bar re-imagined for the city people who really want to experience the Spanish tapas feeling. Designed to give you a feel of traditional Andalusian tavern, this place features Spanish influenced rustic interior decoration. There are white walls adorned with black and white photos of Spanish people, dark wood interiors and stacked sherry barrels. It is one of the only tapas restaurants in London that serves sherry direct from oak barrels. The romantic setting of this tapas restaurant will let you to enjoy your meal by candlelight in their main room with your spouse while the separate bar area will let you to have fun with friends.

Authentic sherry and different types of wines:

From top of the line, finest sherries like Fino en Rama, Cigarrera Manzanilla to award-winning Spanish craft beers, wines and soft drinks this tapas bar has wide variety of options for wine lovers to choose from. In order to give you a real Spanish rural bar feeling, the sherry is served from the oak barrels as a part of the tabanco tradition in Jerez. Jerez is Spanish province where sherry was produced first. If you love sweet wine you should try a glass of Pedro Ximinez or nutty Oloroso. It also offers more than 10 different types of wines and more than three types of crafted beers. If you are a non drinker, don’t worry as this taps bar also serves coffee and soft drinks.

Imaginative and exciting food menu:

This restaurant takes pride on its exquisite food menu which combines both Spanish and British flavours. Whether you are vegetarian or non vegetarian, you will find an array of delicious food items at this tapas London. The dishes get the lip smacking taste from the seasonal, fresh ingredients and spices used to prepare them. The tender lamb prosciutto just melts in your mouth while Andalusian prawns or mackerel pate leaves you craving for more. The most appreciated vegetarian dishes of this tapas restaurant include crunchy Deep Fried Cauliflower, Manchego & Pine Nut Salad, Roasted Broccoli, tasty Romesco and Burnt Butter Yoghurt, and delicious Israeli Cous Cous, Beetroot & Almond etc. Besides, offering you a top of the line main course dishes, the dessert you will get to taste at this Spanish bar influenced restaurant is just out of the world. The best way to finish your dinner is with lip smacking Drakes Sundae with Apple, Caramel & Butterscotch or Caramelized Walnuts complemented by sweet Pedro Ximenez. Each and every dish of this restaurant is sinfully tasty.

If you are a sherry fan and want to enjoy its authentic flavours sitting in a rural Spanish bar like setting, you must visit Drakes Tabanco, sure the best tapas in London. Whether you are looking for good wine, or delicious foods, this tapas restaurant has everything to make your time wonderful. With its fairly priced food, awesome rural setting and traditional sherry, this place truly deserves the Tripadvisor award. In order to get more information or book a table visit www.drakestabanco.com.


21 Jul

In UK is a time for families to gather and obviously a lot of food will be involved. Even though most people are trying to cut back on their shopping bill Christmas is still a prime time for eating some truly amazing food at the dinner table. Whether you love your roast turkey or roast potatoes (or both!) there’s always plenty to eat at Christmas and in most household there is normally plenty to go round the day after also.fairtrade_products-800x500

One thing we should give consideration to though is where a lot of our food comes from, and who has worked hard to provide us with the food we eat. Many food workers in foreign countries such as South America, India and Africa work long hours for very little pay having been exploited this way by western traders and supermarkets for many years.

In recent years the plight of these workers has been made more obvious to many of us and the trend of fairtrade food and drink has become a key issue for many shoppers these days. In the aisles at our local supermarket these days we see more organic and fair trade products ranging from coffee and tea to chocolate and fruits.

It would be nice if more of us in this country thought of the good work being put into providing a better wage and a better standard of living for these communities that work so hard to bring food to our country. There are plenty of situations that could be accompanied by fair trade products such as:
o Fairtrade clothing
o Fairtrade wines
o Fairtrade chocolates
o Fairtrade Coffee and Tea
o Fairtrade Honey and Sugar

The list of Fair trade foods, drinks and products is always growing as more and more industries wake up to the needs of their workers not only for a better wage but for enhancements to their living environment such as new churches, schools and medical centres as well as clean drinking water too.

So in UK consider how your food shopping and other products could help workers in developing countries to benefit from these schemes that are improving their standard of living and by buying fair trade products you’ll be letting the supermarkets that there is a need for these products and the issue of fair treatment for the food industry is a key issue to their customers.